How to discover influencers and opinion leaders on social media

Quite simply, we hear about the effectiveness of influencers in marketing every day. Looks like an easy way to get leads but… it’s not. Influencers are definitely arousing great interest, not only among their followers but also among marketers themselves. Our tool gives you data on the reach and number of interactions, and the percentage of positive and negative mentions.

Want to find out top digital media influencers in your field? Let’s find them all!

In the ‘Influencers’ section you can see a list of mentions by the most influential sources (authors) who mentioned the keywords from your saved searches.

There are four types of reports:

  • Facebook influencers report
  • Facebook influencer report
  • Twitter influencers report
  • Web influencers report


Boost your brand awareness, improve communication, grow sales. What is the most important here (along with setting your goals) is to identify the most accurate influencers. They should have (between others) a common value and a proper reach to influence your audience. It’s not that easy task to find them but surely those tips I mentioned will guide you. Keep fingers crossed for your upcoming campaigns!