EBOS Reputation Works

EBOS Reputation will help you to detect sudden changes in the behavior of a subset of the individuals in the network.

Monitor Social Networks


Stay tuned to what is happening on social media. Use EBOS Reputation to:

  • Manage your business
  • Your brand and communicate with your audience on REAL-TIME.
  • Save time with automatic analysis and reports.
  • Humanize your social voice.
  • Schedule posts.

EBOS Reputation will engaged in social monitoring actively search business for keywords or phrases directly related to your brands specific keywords or topics.

Track News & Blogs


Save time and gain efficiency with EBOS Reputation’s news and blog monitoring software.

  • Be the first to know what appears in the digital news space.
  • Enhanced your business security measures in digital commerce.
  • Embracing new levels of security of your Business.

EBOS Reputation develops in advanced artificial intelligence technologies for sentiment analysis and opinion mining from free text. Our Team use the technology to extend your abilities and to serve your customers.The following table presents the main modules of our platform,please read all individual information thoroughly.

EBOS Technologies


  • Web Crawling – EBOS Reputation implement procedures for natural language processing, topic detection, opinion, measure and manage your reputation for KYC and sentiment analysis. Our crawler scans more than 100M web pages daily & extracts conversations, comments, articles & online reviews. With EBOS Reputation, your right track of everything that happens online. Your success is our DUTY.
  • Text Filtering & Extraction – We implement technologies for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Human Language Technologies (HLT) which allow us to filter important information from spam and links.Our team implement the large quantities of unstructured data accessible and useful, thereby generating not only value, but delivering Return on Investment from unstructured data management as we’ve seen with applications of text mining for Risk Management Software and Cybercrime applications.
  • Text Analysis and Classification – EBOS Reputation is a tool to determine the presence of certain words or concepts within texts or sets of texts. Researchers quantify and analyze the presence, meanings and business of such analysing the opinion or tone of what people are saying about your company on social media. It saves you time for discovering positive and negative mentions and topics related to your name or products.
  • Data Warehouse – EBOS Data Warehouse is a place where gathered information and solve the business problems using the online reputations. We delivered track, manage and improve corporate performance, monitor and modify a marketing campaign, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of product management, and enhance customer relationships to your business.
  • Web Application – You log in to our web application at the following address: https://ebosreputation.com. The application allows you to monitor your saved searches, track mentions about your name, brand, products (or your competitors’) and listen actively to your customers. Our algorithms extract sentiment (positive/negative), topics, concepts & online reviews from text in multiple languages.

EBOS Reputation will introduce you to the key of social media concepts and equip you with the research tools and techniques needed to discover everything you need to know about your business,audience, cultural, industry trends and etc.


Manage All Your Social Profiles & Pages


  • Respond to customers & prospects from 1 single place.
  • Improve your customer relationships with our powerful & affordable reputation management tools.
  • Understand your audience by detailed demographic drill down.
  • Plan visually with a content calendar.
  • Centralize ideas and results.
  • Communicate in context.